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Our unique free-form process allows conductive patterns to be added directly on to your fabric, enabling the textile itself to become conductive. Because the process takes place at fibre-level, there’s no impact on the performance of the textile – your smart garment will be stretchable, breathable, washable, durable, and comfortable. It will be truly wearable. The process can be used on any textile, at any stage in manufacture, on any scale, in any sector, making it the smart solution for your smart garment.

Smart Textile Sectors

Wellness & Fitness

Smart Textiles for Wellness & Fitness


Smart Textiles for Healthcare

Fashion & Apparel

Smart Textiles for Fashion & Apparel

Elite Sport

Smart Textiles for Elite Sport

Defence & PPE

Smart textiles for Defence & PPE

What can Pireta’s technology do for your smart garment?

Our technology is suited to a wide range of e-textile uses, including:

Component interconnects

Printed antennas and RF circuits

Local environment sensing

Physiological sensors

Energy harvesting devices

Other sensors and transducers

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