Smart Textiles for Defence and PPE

Lightweight, robust and functional for improved reliability and performance

Our armed forces and first responders are carrying more electronic equipment than ever before and because the dangers and they face do not diminish, there is an increasing emphasis on keeping them as safe as possible.

Wearable technologies will enable new capabilities for situational and performance monitoring of service personnel. For example, the location of soldiers and emergency service personnel can be tracked in real-time with great precision, improving safety and success rates in high-risk operations. In addition to this, physiological monitoring will allow us to keep track of levels of stress and fatigue in individuals.

How can Pireta’s technology support defence and emergency services?

In addition to new capabilities, smart garments built with Pireta technology allow existing electronic systems to be built into uniforms and protective clothing. Replacing boxed devices and cables with components and e-textile interconnects creates significant weight reductions, as well as eliminates snag and tangle hazards.

With Pireta technology, Antennas and RF systems can be incorporated into clothing, taking advantage of large, unused,  and hidden surfaces. Redundancy can be added for improved reliability with minimal weight overhead. Equipment will be lighter, lower profile, more robust, and discrete.

By allowing electronic systems to be assembled and interconnected directly on fabrics, Pireta technology will enable a new generation of truly wearable smart garments and e-textiles for defence and first responder applications.  Garments produced with the Pireta process will be lightweight, comfortable, durable, stretchable and breathable. They will be truly wearable.

How can you create your truly wearable smart garment?

Contact us today to find out how we can help you develop your truly wearable smart garment for defence and emergency service personnel.

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