Smart Textiles Healthcare, Medicine & Bio Science Smart Textiles for Healthcare and Medicine

Pireta’s technology can be utilised in medical environments by utilising interconnecting sensors for:

  • Emergency care
  • Continuous physiological monitoring
  • Assisted living
  • Pressure and posture analysis
Smart Textiles for medical, healthcare and emergency

Key benefits

Anti Microbial

The addition of conductivity creates an anti microbial finish, preventing the growth of microorganisms.


The conductive coating is just ~2μm thick, adding negligible weight to your product preventing interference with the handle, breathability, and drape of the textile.


Exceptional washability – our technology retains functionality over 100 washing cycles and is resistant to temperatures above 50˚C. No leeching of the encapsulated nanometal in the conductive track occurs during washing. Conductivity is retained with stretching.

Flexibility in design

The point to point solution caters for any application with minimal intrusion, applying the conductive tracks where needed, and without restricting the choice of material for your garments.