Smart Textiles for Healthcare

Reshaping healthcare and preventative medicine

In the near future, smart garments and wearable e-textiles will have a profound impact on healthcare.

Intelligent garments will enable continuous monitoring of key physiological and environmental data, and the information gathered can be used to understand patient behaviours and improve care. For example, we will be able to detect health problems before symptoms appear, preventing future illness and avoiding the need for subsequent treatment.

Unlike traditional wearables, such as smart watches and wristbands, e-textile based wearables can be incorporated into the normal daily routines of assisted living, resulting in more efficient and effective care of an aging population.

How can Pireta’s technology support the healthcare market?

By allowing electronic systems to be assembled and interconnected directly on fabrics, Pireta technology enables a new generation of truly wearable smart garments and e-textiles for healthcare and medical applications. Garments produced with the Pireta process will be comfortable, washable, durable, stretchable and breathable. They will be truly wearable.

Our technology enables smart garments that offer advantages to healthcare professionals and providers, as well as patients, such as…

Remote patient monitoring

our smart garment technology will allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely, continuously, and in real-time.

Early diagnosis

Our technology can help you create smart garments that can measure physiological parameters and diagnose health problems early – sometimes before symptoms have appeared.


The wearables you can create using pireta technology can help patients to adhere to prescriptions for medications, keep to life-style changes, and keep medical professionals informed if the patient lapses.

Information accuracy

Your wearable will collect information continuously and in real time, resulting in more accurate and complete data and enabling more thorough analysis.

Improved decision making

Medical practitioners will be able to analyse patient data and compare it to extensive databases of comparative data, leading to sharper clinical decisions.

Automated care

As part of the Internet of Things and through the use of artificial intelligence, smart garments using Pireta technology can automate care systems to shorten response times, improve service levels and increase efficiency.

Lower healthcare costs

Our technology enables wearables that can assist in remote healthcare, meaning significant savings in time and reductions in the need for patients and healthcare professionals to move between locations. This improves productivity and the patient experience, and lowering overall healthcare costs.

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