Smart Textiles for Elite Sport

Maximising performance, tipping the balance, delivering results

For elite athletes, the margin between victory and defeat is agonisingly small. Whether it’s “marginal gains” or simply the quest to find every possible advantage, coaches and athletes understand the need to optimise all the elements that produce performance.

Wearable technology can empower sports scientists, coaches, and athletes to train and play smarter. Body-worn sensors enable performance monitoring, distance and speed analysis, motion tracking, and technique assessment. Intelligent clothing based on e-textiles will take elite sports wearables to the next level, delivering functionality within a high-performance sports garment.

How can Pireta’s technology help advance elite athletes?

With Pireta technology, sports apparel designers can add critical sensing functionality without compromising the performance of the garment or the athlete. Pireta enables electronic circuits and components to be assembled and interconnected directly on a textile – yet has no impact on the handle, drape, stretch or breathability of the fabric. Physiological and environmental sensors can be integrated discretely into textile surfaces. Garments produced with the Pireta process will be functional, lightweight and high-performance – they will also be comfortable, washable and durable.

How can you create your truly wearable smart garment?

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