Pireta Technology

Pireta Technology:

Wearable technology is now a significant market, with a large range of wearable devices adding to our lives.

Pireta’s technology will enable truly ‘wearable’ technology, where current discrete devices in the future will disappear and be built into the clothes we wear on a daily basis.

Pireta technology under the microscope
Pireta smart textile nano techonology
Pireta smart textile technology
Pireta smart textile technology
Pireta smart textile technology
Pireta smart textile technology
Proven Chemistry

Uses proven reliable aqueous processes and commercially available chemistry for ease and flexibility of integration into your existing textile finishing process.

Connection Solution

Pireta technology provides a continuous interconnect solution between components and textiles by creating electrically noiseless joints to the textile.

Post Dying

Allows textiles to be dyed after conductive coating has been applied.

Highly Conductive

Is highly conductive compared to current best-in-class solutions with resistance as low as 6 mΩ/sq achievable

Variety of Textiles

Can be applied to knitted, woven and non-woven, natural and synthetic textiles.

Complex Designs

Allows for complex designs and patterning via a simple printing process


Is robust – conductor does not crack and textile maintains shape and performance when washed or stretched

Low Impact

Doesn’t impact on drape and handle

New Approach

Utilises a very different approach to other conductive textiles