Pireta Technology

Until recently, creating smart garments meant using printed conductive inks or stitching conductive thread into textiles – processes that are difficult to scale and negatively impact the performance of your fabric.

Our unique free-form process for printing conductive patterns directly onto fabrics is a new and radically different approach to creating e-textiles. By bonding a thin metallic layer onto the fibres of your textile, the textile itself will become conductive.

Because the process takes place at fibre-level, there’s no impact on the performance of your textile. Your smart garment will be stretchable, breathable, washable, durable, and comfortable.

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 Key benefits of our technology:

Shades of fabric dye applied to conductive fabrics
Close up demonstrating smart garment
Knitted fabric turned into e-textile through conductive pattern
Uses proven chemistry

We use proven and reliable aqueous processes and commercially available chemistry to ensure ease and flexibility of integration into your textile.

Let’s you dye your textile

Our technology has no impact on textile behaviour, meaning you can dye your textiles after the conductive coating has been applied.

Offers a radically new connection solution

Our technology provides a continuous interconnect solution between components and textiles by creating electrically noiseless joints to the textile.

Is highly conductive

Gives you the best conductivity compared to current best-in-class solutions, with resistances as low as 6 mΩ/sq

Can be applied to your textile of choice

Including knitted, woven and non-woven, natural, and synthetic textiles.

Doesn’t limit your designs

The process allows for complex designs and patterning via a simple printing process

Is robust

The conductor won’t crack and your textile will maintain its shape and performance when washed or stretched

Won’t change the way your textile behaves

The process doesn’t impact on drape and handle, so your product will be stretchable, breathable, washable, durable, and comfortable.

Uses a radically new approach

Our technology utilises a very different approach to other conductive textiles, meaning you will achieve the best results possible

Watch how our patented technology can create truly wearable smart garments